Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District

The purpose of the Solid Waste Management Program is to ensure solid waste is managed in such a way that protects both public health and the environment.


Solid Waste Management Districts, or SWMDs, were created by Senate Bill 530 passed in 1990. They were formed to encourage regional, city and county cooperation in proper solid waste management. Districts develop programs to encourage waste reduction, recycling and proper disposal methods.

The districts are funded by a tipping fee per ton of refuse brought to a landfill in Missouri, or to a transfer station in Missouri if the eventual destination is a landfill out of state. The fee is distributed to districts using a formula that is based on a the tipping fee revenues and population for that district.

The Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District contracts with the Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments to provide administrative services.

To find out more about these activities in Macon, Shelby, Monroe, Randolph, Marion, Ralls or Pike counties, contact the Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District.

Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District - Region G

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